ECM & FileNet Practice

The amount of information many organizations have to manage in today’s data-driven society is massive, and grows exponentially every year. Efficiently managing and controlling access to this information is a Herculean task not only because of the sheer volume, but also because it is often coming from multiple disparate sources that change at a blinding pace. Extracting meaningful information and reports from large volumes of data can be an overwhelming undertaking, especially when print output is involved. Perhaps even more daunting is the task of ensuring that customers, partners, employees, and suppliers can quickly access this information.

Whether you are an existing user of IBM Enterprise Content Management software or considering an imple-mentation, our expertise helps you develop an ECM Strategy which ensures you maximize benefits and stay ahead of the competition.

Our dedicated IBM ECM services team helps you choose the best FileNet and IBM Content Management (ECM) products to meet all your business, regulatory and legal requirements. As your needs change, you’ll have access to the latest ECM developments at IBM. With our help and the right IBM ECM software, you’ll soon gain control of all your digital and paper information wherever it was originally created and stored.

As a long-term premier partner of IBM Glyphic has internal access to IBM resources, labs, and product development teams. We can escalate product issues directly within IBM for swifter resolution.

Engagement Methodology is a structured approach, designed to build and maintain momentum, with flexibility to tailor the strategy to meet differing client needs. From the outset your needs are paramount. We begin by discussing your situation and question you about content: How does the information flow within your organization? How and where is it used? Where does it come from? How long does it take to become useful? Are there bottlenecks? Do these affect your customer’s experience? How much time do people spend locating information? Working together, we develop an understanding of how you want to use content, how long you want to keep it, where you want to store it, how you want to access it, what search criteria you want to use, whether you need the original format, how you want to manage signatures.

Glyphic understands that prior to making a decision on adopting new technology; an organization must first understand its key operational business processes. Without this understanding, the processes that make up the foundation of a business are often overlooked as a potential source of productive change.

Glyphic’s overriding aim is to assist our clients in identifying savings and profitability gains before embarking on a key project. With 15+ years of experience, our consultants know exactly what to look for when compiling a cost benefit analysis and have successfully delivered compelling business cases for an impressive range of clients, from the fortune 1000 to smaller organizations.

Our initial, complimentary, 1-day workshop consists of a scoping exercise where key staff is brought together to document current processes and highlight how potential bottlenecks can be improved or removed through automating key manual functions.

At the end of this exercise Glyphic will deliver a comprehensive findings document detailing the current procedures, any associated problems which have been highlighted, and how potentially through working with us, clients can generate a significant ROI and process improvement to their current methodologies.

Determining Objectives - What do you want ECM to achieve for your organization? Our consultants will help define your priorities, based on the understanding gained from the Discovery Workshop. These align to business objectives such as retaining customers. This could involve better records management or content integration, or a mix of the two.

ECM Strategy as your Roadmap – Glyphic’s expertise comes into its own at this stage. Our expert knowledge of ECM, coupled with our understanding of your business objectives and environment helps determine which ECM solution areas will get you to where you want to be. We design the Roadmap, guiding and recommending the routes to take, the tools to use and the technology that best fits your environment and budget.

Delivery – Getting There - A key part of the Glyphic proposition is our “one-source resource”. We design, develop and deploy the ECM strategy by consulting everyone affected by the information flow within your organization. This ensures the solution delivers workable, pragmatic enhancements. We build and implement the solution that meets your objectives, getting you where you want to be.

Maintain – Staying There – Information needs can change over time, technologies evolve, and requirements grow with business events like mergers and take-over’s. Glyphic enters client relationships for the long-term, maintaining client contact to ensure that everything continues to work to plan, and introduce enhancements and improvements to your ECM strategy. The investment in the Discovery phase means that we put ourselves in your shoes when new technology comes along. We remain a champion of ECM within your organization and continually strive to help you maximize the value of your ECM strategy.